Reliable control experts
GovernmentJiangxi Yingtan municipal government buildingFiberglass ceiling
Jiangxi Yingtan customs   buildingFiberglass ceiling
Jining Municipal HallFiberglass ceiling
Shandong Tengzhou government   service hallFiberglass ceiling
Linyi Feixian courtFiberglass ceiling
Hohhot Discipline Inspection   Bureau, Inner MongoliaFiberglass ceiling
Jining science and Technology   Museum ProjectGlass fiber concealed plug board
Fujian Fuzhou government   affairs hallRock wool ceiling
Jinan Municipal Commission   for Discipline InspectionFiberglass ceiling
Shandong Zouping Public   Security BureauFiberglass ceiling
Tianjin Environmental   Protection BureauFiberglass ceiling
Machine room of Shanghai   Metro Line 2Fiberglass ceiling
Shanghai Hongqiao AirportFiberglass ceiling
Shanghai Volvo exhibition   hallFiberglass ceiling
Jinan West International   Convention and Exhibition CenterFiberglass ceiling
Shanghai PlanetariumFiberglass ceiling
hospitalXichang people's HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Beijing Changping courtFiberglass ceiling
Jilin Tonghua kangmeimeihekou   medical travel health centerRock wool ceiling
Beijing Changping District   HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Hebei Eye HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Chongqing Yunyang people's   HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Chongqing People's HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Henan Kaifeng children's   HospitalGlass fiber suspension plate
The Fifth Affiliated Hospital   of Guangzhou Medical UniversityRock wool ceiling
Sichuan Neijiang first   people's HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Beijing Changping District   HospitalFiberglass ceiling
Guiyang Dejiang people's   HospitalFiberglass ceiling
cinemaJining Wanda PlazaFiberglass ceiling
Beijing Tongzhou Wanda cinemaGlass fiber soft bag, black glass fiber wallboard
Guangxi Guilin Wanda cinemaBlack glass fiber
Guangdong Foshan Broadway   CinemaBlack glass fiber
Shenzhen Xingmei cinemaBlack glass fiber
Guangdong Zhuhai yinghuang UA   cinemaBlack glass fiber
Anhui Hefei Yinghuang Film   CityBlack glass fiber
Guangzhou East Railway   Station UA cinemaBlack glass fiber
Shanghai Hongqiao yinghuang   UA cinemaBlack glass fiber
Chongqing Guotai poly cinemaBlack glass fiber
Shanghai Meilong UA cinemaBlack glass fiber
Anhui Hefei China Resources   cinemaFiberglass ceiling
Shanghai Wanping TheaterFiberglass ceiling
schoolNational School of AdministrationGlass fiber concealed plug board
Xiaoshan Xuejun middle schoolRock wool ceiling
Qingdao Chuangshi New Area   SchoolFiberglass ceiling
Hangzhou senior middle school   Donghu CampusFiberglass ceiling
Sichuan Yibin Experimental   Middle SchoolFiberglass ceiling
Hebei Caofeidian University   TownFiberglass ceiling
Linyi University Town LibraryFiberglass ceiling
Institute of intelligent   manufacturing, Hefei University of TechnologyFiberglass ceiling
Xinghua senior high schoolFiberglass ceiling
Shenzhen Institute of foreign   languagesFiberglass ceiling
baoji vocational technology   college Fiberglass ceiling
Xi'an high tech No. 1 middle   schoolFiberglass ceiling
Yibin Institute of TechnologyFiberglass ceiling
Yibin Cuiping District middle   schoolGlass fiber suspension plate
Xiamen Caitang meidafi schoolFiberglass ceiling
Jiangsu Wuxi Jinqiao primary   schoolFiberglass ceiling
Entertainment placeGansu Jiayuguan Fangte paradiseBlack glass fiber
Anhui Wuhu Fangte paradiseBlack glass fiber
Qin Shihuang terracotta   warriors and Horses Museum, Xi'an, ShaanxiFiberglass ceiling
Zhengding County,   Shijiazhuang City, Hebei ProvinceFiberglass ceiling
Henan Zhengzhou Sports BureauGlass fiber perforated wallboard
Shanxi Wenxi swimming poolGlass fiber perforated wallboard
Corporate hotel bankDalian Alps electronics factoryFiberglass ceiling
Atlantis Hotel Glass fiber perforated wallboard
Dalian Huaxia BankGlass fiber openable concealed plug board
Hangxiao steel structureGlass fiber suspension plate
Futu kanglankao factoryFiberglass ceiling
Jiangsu Suqian Jianlu groupFiberglass ceiling
Bokai machinery (Shanghai)   Co., LtdGlass fiber suspension plate
Hefei Tongzhi   electromechanicalFiberglass ceiling
Beijing 5g + 8K Industrial   Ecological Park ProjectFiberglass ceiling
Etc R & D center of   Zhengxin Economic Development ZoneGlass fiber suspension plate
Llfi Yimeng Yunling chemical   application center, Yihe East DistrictFiberglass ceiling
Beijing Haidian District   Aijia home furnishing (West Fourth Ring store)Fiberglass ceiling
Tobacco systemHubei Guangshui tobacco factoryGlass fiber openable concealed plug board
Hubei Hongan tobacco factoryGlass fiber openable concealed plug board
Henan Luoyang tobacco factoryGlass fiber openable concealed plug board
Anhui Wuhu cigarette factoryFiberglass ceiling
Transportation center under   Chongqing cigarette factoryFiberglass ceiling
Fujian Fuzhou cigarette   factoryGlass fiber soft wrapped wallboard
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