Classification and difference of glass fiber felt

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Glass fiber mat is abbreviated as "glass fiber mat". Glass fiber mat is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has a wide variety. Its advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but its disadvantages are brittle and poor wear resistance. Glass fiber is usually used as reinforcing material in composites, electrical insulation material and thermal insulation material, circuit substrate and other fields of national economy.


Fiberglass mat:

Glass fiber felt is a non-woven fabric made of glass fiber monofilament interwoven into a network and cured with resin adhesive. Its main characteristics are: flat surface, good dimensional stability, good uniformity, good thermal strength and mildew resistance.

Classification of glass fiber felt:

Glass fiber felt is generally divided into three categories: surface felt, continuous felt and chopped felt

Surface felt:

Generally, it is sprayed by fiber precursor in order to improve the surface effect and reduce the influence of cloth pattern on the surface;

Surface felt.jpg

Continuous felt:

The forming method is formed by spraying continuous fiber precursor; It is generally used as a diversion material. The chopped felt will be used a little in the hand pasting process to increase the interlayer force and use less.

Continuous felt.jpg

Chopped felt:

The molding method is formed by spraying short fiber precursor;

Chopped felt.jpg

Difference between surface felt, continuous felt and chopped felt

Surface felt is generally used to improve the surface effect and reduce the influence of cloth grain on the surface;

As the name suggests, the difference between continuous felt and chopped felt lies in whether short fiber or continuous fiber is used for molding.

Continuous felt is generally used as diversion material. Chopped felt will be used a little in hand pasting process to increase interlayer force and use less.

Classification of glass fiber felt products

Copper clad felt

Copper clad laminate felt is mainly used as the base material of CEM-3 copper clad laminate. It has uniform appearance, excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, solvent resistance, excellent compatibility with epoxy resin, and the product indexes meet the corresponding requirements of ipc-4130. The performance of copper clad laminate produced with glass fiber felt reaches the level of glass cloth plate. It is suitable for industrial electronic products, especially glass fiber felt plate, which has superior subsequent processability (punching and drilling), and is more popular in the market.

Copper clad laminate felt.jpg

Pipe blanket

The glass fiber base material for anti-corrosion of buried steel pipeline used for transporting oil and natural gas has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility, uniform thickness, good resistance to solvent and water vapor erosion, non decay and flame retardant, and has good impregnation compatibility with coal tar enamel and asphalt. The oil and gas transportation pipeline coated with asphalt coal tar enamel and c-pm felt has excellent impermeability and resistance to various environmental media, which can prolong the service life of the pipeline to 50-60 years and significantly reduce the maintenance and replacement cost. After testing, the technical indexes of c-pm series glass fiber felt meet and exceed the technical requirements specified in the natural gas industry standard SY / t0079 of the people's Republic of China, and meet the AWWA c-203 standard of American wood Defense Engineering Association. Therefore, it is an ideal internal and external winding tape substrate for asphalt, coal tar enamel and other coatings.

Pipe blanket.jpg

Facing felt

C-ff series felt is a kind of glass fiber felt made of chopped glass fiber by wet process. It is an environmental friendly material. It is mainly used for surface or inner layer treatment of various walls and ceilings. It is a new decorative product. The wall surface treated with c-ff series felt and coating not only has the functions of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti mildew, impact resistance, anti orange peel, anti cracking, water washing resistance and air permeability, but also has the effect of elegant and noble surface decoration. It can be widely used in high-end places such as public entertainment places, conference halls, star hotels, hotels, shopping centers, cinemas, hospitals, schools, offices and residential houses.

Facing felt.jpg

FRP surface felt

It is mainly used in the surface layer of FRP products. It has the characteristics of uniform fiber distribution, flat surface, soft hand feeling, less glue content, fast resin penetration speed, good mold laying performance and so on. It can be divided into two categories: winding c-sxx30 series and hand paste BMT series. Winding glass fiber surface felt is mainly suitable for winding FRP pipes and tank products, which can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, anti leakage, compressive strength and appearance quality of the surface layer of the products and prolong its service life. Hand laid FRP surface felt is mainly suitable for hand laid products. It has good moldability and fast resin penetration speed. It is suitable for molds with complex geometric curves. It can cover cloth patterns and form smooth surfaces, so as to improve strength and corrosion resistance. It is a necessary product for manufacturing high-quality molds and FRP products. These two kinds of surface felts are not only suitable for winding and hand pasting processes, but also suitable for other FRP forming processes, such as molding, spraying, centrifugal rotation, etc.

FRP surface felt.jpg

Floor felt

It is mainly used as the base material of plastic floor and wallpaper. It has the characteristics of uniform thickness, good dimensional stability, no deformation at high temperature, no warpage, no mildew and easy impregnation. The soft plastic floor made of it as the base material has flat appearance, no shrinkage deformation, bright color and convenient laying. It is an ideal material for residents to decorate the ground. After further processing, the product can be made into various color veneer materials. It is an ideal material for decorating high-end hotels and restaurants.

Floor felt.jpg

Carpet felt

Carpet felt series is mainly used as the base material of square carpet. The square carpet made of glass fiber felt has a scratched appearance without shrinkage and deformation. It is an ideal material for indoor floor decoration.

Carpet felt.jpg

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