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In the current society, everyone will live in man-made frame buildings for a long time, so the product development direction we need to think about should not be limited to daily design and use, but should increase the impact of building materials on happiness and cost performance. Huamei building materials glass fiber sound-absorbing board adds value to the building through its superior performance and multi-faceted appearance, so as to be applied to all aspects of life.

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Huamei fiberglass board

Shandong Huamei building materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company has strong technical force and complete product categories. The professional mechanical equipment independently developed by the company can ensure that the products produced have accurate specifications and high-quality product quality. The products have covered all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and more than 50 countries and regions in the world. The company's "Tengyuan" brand trademark was rated as "famous trademark of Shandong Province".

The well-known glass fiber products sell well at home and abroad with their excellent performance and elegant taste. The annual output has reached 1.8 million square meters. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic glass fiber products industry. The domestic sales volume is 1.2 million square meters, ranking in the forefront of the country, accounting for 70% of the sales volume of similar products in the domestic market; The foreign sales volume is 600000 square meters, accounting for 25% of the sales volume of similar products in the international market.

Performance advantages of Huamei fiberglass board

Sound absorption performance

The reason why fiberglass board can take the lead in many decoration materials is mainly due to its own material performance: sound absorption!

Excellent sound absorption and sound insulation performance, and its sound absorption coefficient and frequency characteristics are closely related to the unit weight, plate thickness and diameter of glass fiber. The general rule is that the sound absorption coefficient increases with the increase of unit weight and thickness of fiberglass board.

Compared with traditional decoration materials, Huamei fiberglass board has professional effect. It uses its own performance to reduce indoor noise and create a quiet indoor environment. It has become the preferred indoor ceiling material for more and more designers.

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Huamei fiberglass board has been tested by the national authority, and the fire rating has reached class A. the product is flame retardant, high temperature resistant and safer!

Anti tide and anti subsidence

Huamei glass fiber board is an extremely stable material. It will not absorb moisture in the air. The glass fiber is long and closely arranged. When the temperature is 30 ℃ and the humidity is 95%, it will not sag and deform.

Huamei fiberglass board is only half the weight of traditional mineral wool board and gypsum. It is light in texture and has a higher safety factor for ceiling and veneer. Under specific circumstances, it can protect property and personnel safety to a great extent.

Hangxiao steel structure glass fiber suspension plate.png

Thermal insulation

Huamei fiberglass board has high insulation performance, blocking the diffusion of air conditioning air conditioning and preventing heat loss, reducing the impact of the outside world on indoor temperature and improving the happiness of residents.

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Antibacterial environmental protection

Huamei fiberglass board material does not contain harmful substances, and its surface also has a special dust-proof coating to prevent dust adhesion and will not provide any nutrients for microorganisms. The antibacterial degree reaches more than 99.4%, which further inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents mildew. It is environmentally friendly, healthy, long-lasting, moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

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Other properties

Huamei fiberglass board has low vibration and better stability; High compressive strength, high impact resistance to the outside world and increased service life.

application area 

As a modern building materials service enterprise, Shandong Huamei building materials Co., Ltd. adapts to different decoration needs of the market and is applied in different system fields.

Office system

There are many functional partitions of the office system, and different partitions have different requirements for sound absorption performance. Huamei fiberglass board formulates different customized schemes according to different zones, which can meet the acoustic environment requirements of different functional zones, help to create a good learning and working environment and improve learning and work efficiency.

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Medical system

Follow the ecological principle of hospital decoration environment design, pay attention to the natural lighting and ventilation of the room, so that patients can enjoy green as much as possible. Secondly, it emphasizes the green building design criteria, and uses the ecological principles, concepts and methods to study and develop the hospital environmental design, so as to form a healthy hospital environment.


educational system 

Follow the principles of safety first, simplicity and lightness, and division of functional areas.

Hebei Zhengding library.png

Life scene

Other relevant life scenes include sports venues, fitness centers, etc. to meet the different needs of athletes, spectators and other different groups, with both sound absorption and safety. Compared with the general environment, the ceiling usually has a more sense of design, and has higher requirements for the color and specification of ceiling materials.

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