Installation and construction method of glass fiber sound-absorbing board

Time2021-05-10 17:23:45

There are several installation and construction methods of glass fiber sound-absorbing board, including flat pasting, exposed keel, concealed keel and beyond concealed installation. In fact, the installation and construction technology of sound-absorbing board is one of the contents of indoor decoration design, so its installation effect directly affects the decoration effect of indoor wall, and also affects the sound-absorbing effect. There is a cavity behind the sound-absorbing plate, which can improve the low-frequency sound-absorbing effect compared with the solid installation.

Glass fiber sound-absorbing board

1. Installation and construction technology of flat pasted sound-absorbing board

The light steel keel or wood keel shall be adopted, and the paper gypsum board or other light sheet shall be installed on the keel with screws as the bottom plate. The surface shall be flat, and then the back of the sound-absorbing board shall be plastered.

In order to save the adhesive, it is recommended to use gubide glue. There is no need to apply several points on the board surface, and the spacing of glue points is about 150mm.

Then paste the sound-absorbing board on the base plate with the installation line drawn in advance. At the same time, it shall be fixed with special nails. The installation method can also be made into curved arc shape, but it is troublesome to repair and replace.

2. Installation and construction technology of exposed keel sound-absorbing board

Light steel keel or aluminum alloy keel shall be adopted, and the keel frame shall be installed according to the specification of selected sound-absorbing plate.

Then put the mineral wool board directly on the keel frame and use it for the installation of non slotted and narrow edge drop board.

This installation method is characterized by simplicity and convenient maintenance and replacement. When the keel is exposed, the installation of the falling plate can form a concave joint, which is more three-dimensional than the flat joint formed by the installation.

3. Installation of concealed keel

Generally, H-type light steel keel is used to install the keel frame according to the specifications of the selected plate.

Insert the sound-absorbing plates with side slots or with one side slot and one side falling (beyond the concealed insertion) into the skeleton one by one.

The characteristics of this installation method are that it is not divided by the keel, there is no plate seam, and the integrity of the decorative surface is good. It is also convenient to surpass the concealed plug-in maintenance and exchange, but it is more troublesome for the maintenance and exchange of general concealed plug-in plates.

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