Cleaning and care of soft bags

Time2020-10-27 14:23:33

Now soft bags are more and more widely used, such as KTV, hotel, bedside at home and so on. They have even become an indispensable kind of sound-absorbing materials in people's life. So how should I clean and take care of soft bags in my daily life?

1. Remove dust

Many people think that the soft bag of fabric can effectively remove dust by patting. But in fact, the soft bag can not be patted, because patting will deform the materials and fabrics in the soft bag, which will affect the appearance of the soft bag and shorten the service time of the soft bag. The daily floating dust and debris on the surface of the soft bag can be treated with a vacuum cleaner or wiped with a clean towel.

2. Leather soft bag to remove stains

If leather soft bags often use wet cloth to remove stains, it will damage the surface of the soft bag and make the fabric lose its original luster. In fact, when it is found that there are stains on the surface of the soft bags, they should be removed in time. Generally, they should be washed with the diluted detergent at the stain, and then wipe the foam with a clean cloth.

3. Soft bag background wall disinfection

Can not be disinfected with high temperature or ultraviolet light, because it does great harm to the soft bag fabric. Because too high temperature will make the soft bag fabric fade, and even make the fabric hard and deformed. When disinfecting the soft bag, you can directly wipe it with a clean towel stained with diluted disinfectant.

Soft bag cleaning needs to take appropriate methods. The above is for reference only. I hope it can help you.

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