Use of sound absorption board

Time2020-11-06 10:09:43

Today's society is polluted by lights, water, air and noise. Speaking of noise pollution, we can use sound-absorbing materials indoors to reduce pollution. There are many examples of using sound-absorbing materials around us, such as the application of sound-absorbing materials in opera houses, conference rooms, recording studios and cinemas.

1. For some public transport buildings, such as airport waiting hall, station waiting room, wharf waiting room and so on. Due to the continuous broadcasting of departure, arrival or delay time of aircraft and train and ship shifts. Sound absorbing board materials shall be properly arranged on the ceiling and wall. On the one hand, it can improve the clarity of broadcast information; On the other hand, it can also reduce the noise of passengers and make the environment quieter.

2. The decoration of the cinema needs to be analyzed according to the existing sound field. You can see that the carpets of the cinema are very thick. This is done for sound absorption. In order to have a good audio-visual environment for the whole cinema, the sound-absorbing materials can be evenly arranged on the side wall and ceiling. Due to the large amount of sound absorption, a variety of sound-absorbing materials are used to achieve the ideal sound-absorbing frequency characteristics. If recommended, flame retardant cloth sound-absorbing soft bags can be used on the wall, and black glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling can be used on the ceiling, which can achieve good effect and strong decoration while absorbing sound.

In addition, in all kinds of architectural decoration, the decoration design of different places is also different. Professional acoustic designers can be consulted and designed according to the actual situation.


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